Monday, 10 February 2014

Frantic Friday
I spent a happy few hours on Friday afternoon after completing my jobs for the day, preparing a project that had come to me the week before.  I have a collection of cloths from all sorts of eras and use the majority of them to make things to sell.  I always end up with a few bits left over, so I've been looking out for a way to use them up on something for the house.  My industrial machine sits in it's heavy duty table with the motor and associated gubbins dangling out of the bottom, looking quite frankly-ugly!  So I decided to pretty it up with a patchwork curtain, using my eclectic mix of scrap vintage cloths.
Lots of yummy cloths

So I got out my ruler and rotary cutter and set to turning scraps into squares(5 1/2" squares).  Then I started the fun task of arranging the squares in a pleasingly clashy pattern, I didn't quite get them all stitched together before I had to pick up my little one.

Is this going to be the final arrangement???
 Crafting was temporarily postponed, whilst the important job of den building taken up by myself and my junior engineer, he happily lounged about in here whilst I stitched a bit.  He then decided that he would like to get a bit of creating done, so out came the Mr Man comic and a happy pre-tea hour was spent building them a house and completing many a page of stickers.

Camp Lulumama

Mr Man House on patchwork fields

I came down with some horrid headache, general body ache, sore throat cold to your bones lurgi that night so the curtain was put on hold until today, when I managed to back it and put on a channel for the stretchy wire thingy we(hubby) are going to attach it with, it is only sellotaped on but I am soo pleased with it.  No more sitting and staring at an ugly(but brilliant and necessary) engine, and I managed to start and finish something for myself within a few days- a very rare occurrence indeed!

Ta Dah!


  1. Very nice! Do I spy some wedges on the machine table in that last picture??

    1. oh yes I have made my cushion top using the Christmas tree wedges, just got to make sides and base, make an inner and fill with poly beans-may be a while before ant ta dah posts for that!