Friday, 17 January 2014

The Joy of Handmade
I have always enjoyed making things "by hand", since I was little I have always got a kick from starting with a pile of stuff and ending with a pretty/useful/edible product.  Nowadays it is very trendy to be able to make things, not a necessity for most for us, as it was when my mum used to make mine and my sister's clothes.  It is no longer a cost effective way to clothe/feed ourselves, as cloth, wool and everything associated with the process is expensive.   However, like anyone who has tried making their own......., I know the joy it can bring. 
For Christmas 2013 I made my two close friend's gifts.  They each got a unique lovingly made cushion, and I crafted a doll for one of their littlies using wool a crochet hook and a little imagination.  So every time they rest their behinds they can think of me, mmmm not sure that sounds quite right but I think you get the idea. 

The most rewarding thing about this, was the gifts I received in return were also of the handmade variety.  Yes I have infected them with my love of creating, and proved to them that it is easy and really doesn't take that long.  Indeed , much to her horror one of my friend's now regularly says this phrase herself.  When I first urged her to take up crochet she wouldn't believe me but I have brought her over to the dark side.  I usually get my crochet or knitting done, of an evening in front of the tv, so time spent vegetating is also spent creating.  I think I have a slight obsession now and feel wrong if I simply sit and watch tv.
Made by hand does of course cover a multitude of "crafts".  My Mother-In-Law always make the most delicious cakes, and at special events she makes her choccy marble cake.  It has to be baked in the doughnut style tin, and it has to be covered in a thick layer of Cadbury's milk chocolate-yum.  If she simply bought a cake it just wouldn't be the same.

I was commissioned by said In-Law to make a baby blanket for her friend's new Grandchild.  So there is the other option.  If your simply not into the whole making thing i'm sure you will know some one who is, so go on ask if they can help, or visit one of the excellent handmade sites like Etsy or Folksy and support the growing Handmade businesses out there.

My little one enjoys a bit of creating too.  Whether it is with the Playdoh, or building a lighthouse with foghorn and light with his Dad (see weird photo below).

A great place to get inspiration for a bit of creating is Pinterest.  So for all those people I meet who say "I just don't have the imagination" I point them there.  My pal shared a fab pin of a button clock which I loved.  So I was thrilled when she made me one for  Christmas.  My other pal who is also a fan of the homemade,  has crafted me an objet d'art for the last two birthdays.  She is always embarrassed by her creations-who wouldn't love a crochet Satsuma cover, or a felt lipbalm cosy?  However, I appreciate these things as much as any other as I know that she has spent time and energy thinking about me and making them-so Thank you Blackbird and Wren, I was vey touched and loved my gifts!!!

Blackbird picks the loveliest handmade gifts from Folksy/Etsy when she hasn't time to craft, and I love these too.  Soo much nicer than a soulless box of smellies! 

This is the weird lighthouse, a happy afternoon spent fiddling with wiring, and it makes the most annoying noise when the foghorn is pressed-little person heaven!

And finally........handmade doesn't have to be forever, my little one loves nothing more than a couple of hours building lego with his Daddy, and Daddy is happy too!
Ps.  Not wanting to appear too smug or virtuous- just so you know my little one is currently being entertained by the tv!


  1. Lovely post. I am resting my behind & thinking of you :)