Sunday, 25 August 2013

Good lordy Gourdy!

I escaped my work for a couple of hours today to visit the wonderful Raveningham Hall Gardens, with my Mum little fella and my hubby.  I think this is one of my favourite places to go on a late summers day.  It is only a few minutes drive from where we live and well worth a visit, check out the website as i believe it only opens certain days from september onwards.  It was open today as it is a bank holiday, and had the added bonus of a tea room in operation(it has been closed other times we have visisted).  So we sampled a few of their wares.
The main pull for us is the magnificent walled vegetable garden which is always immaculate and a constant source of envy and inspiration, especially for my other half who is usually busy in the garden over summer(our building works have halted most of our veg this year, and our greenhouse has been storing a bathroom suite so no room for tomatoes).  They had some marvellous gourds and squashes growing up frames between the fruit trees;

The other speciality of the place are the large swathes of Agapanthus which are in bloom at the moment, they seem to have every shade of purple through to pure white growing there, and as our own single plant hasn't managed one flower spike this year it was lovely to see so many together.
I have lots more lovely photos to show you of my brief time off sewing duty, but my laptop has gone weird and won't let me post them, obviousley someone is sending me a message to get on with some work, so bye for now!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Feast or Famine!

Well this phrase perfectly describes life here at Lulumama Towers at the moment.  We have had a lovely few weeks of various relatives visiting, and i have been inundated with work.  The relatives have been a marvellous help looking after little one whilst i get on with things, but i wish i could have spent more time with them as they live a long way away.  As usual i am very happy to have all this work, we need the pennies, and it has given me a chance to use our newly (nearly) completed extension.  However, why is it that it is always comes along in a big clump?  I'm sure that every self employed person lives within the feast or famine world but it is still very annoying.   For anyone reading this thinking "ungrateful cow, at least you have got the work" i say, yes quite simply you are right, but i'm still allowed a little moan.  So i hope that explains my absence from the blogging world recently. 

 The above shot is the inside of one of the three tailored frock coats i have been making for a certain musical about a green witch and a blonde white witch, it goes on tour this week.  I thought that you would like to see what goes on on the inside of a tailored coat.  The cream colured area is the inside chest canvas, the black stitching is the pad stitched collar, this stitching gives the collar its "roll" and the black tape line is the break line of the collar, the fluffy stuff is the chest padding and helps give the jacket structure. So there you go now you know a little bit of what your ticket money goes towards.  This is a character which is going to be played by 3 artistes, so each actor has to have his own costume, which is drafted and cut to his size(by a lovely man called Mervyn), fitted on him, and then finished off.  For each actor i have to make a separate coat, shirt, waistcoat with working pockets, and a pair of trousers.  So there you go, i'm off now to carry on sewing, but keep checking my blog i will be back soon.

Ps, i have been treating myself whilst i work with some trips out to the veg patch to see what is ready to munch, our blueberry bush has done us proud! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

I am very lucky this week to be enjoying the company of a few members of my family.  This is a tremendous treat as they live over 5 hours away, and we don't get to see enough of each other.  I miss them all immensley, and wish my little one could see his "big Cousin" much more. They are both growing up at an alarmimg rate, mine is leaving toddlerhood and my nephew is turning into a young man.  Little man loves his cousin and vice versa despite the big age gap! 
Today we visited Dunwich, a pretty coastal village, of which a great portion disappeared  into the sea in the 1?th centuary. 

  We went for  a walk around the abbey ruins and a mooch about the church, we were impressed by mobile lawnmowers they had in the churchyard

 The lone tame sheep keeping the grass down in the churchyard.