Monday, 22 July 2013

We have enjoyed lots of this all weekend, it began on friday when we headed off, car packed to the limit, for a weekend campmg with friends.  We headed off to a gorgeous part of Suffolk, with a  very different feel to our area of the region.  The reason for our trip was a Beer Festival in the picturesque village of Hawkeden at the Queen's head Inn.  We had been invited by a friend, whose parents are big cheeses in the camping and caravaning club, to stay in what was essentially someone's (very large) back garden, it was heavenly.  There were several of her parent's friends all staying in their tardis like caravan and motorhomes(became rather a fan of these over the weekend-very comfy and cosy) there too and we had a very nice few days, eating sitting about and enjoying seeing the littlies loving being outside and amusing themselves.  My friend and i escaped for a spot of shopping therapy to Bury-St Edmunds after depositing the boys(small and big) at the pub.  here we indulged in a bit of afternoon tea.
 After some helpful advice from my pal i purchased a new camera, something which i should have done ages ago, my old one used to take ages to take a photo, so i have missed many fab shots of my little man as he moves quicker than a whippet, but with my new equipment i can capture it all.  It has lots of fancy features, so expect a lot of sepia shots over the next few posts!

 After our retail therapy we headed back to the pub to rescue our boys and to their delight an old routemaster pulled up, bringing more drinkers to the festival. The driver very kindly let our boys(small and large) on board for a mooch about.

 We ended a lovely day with chips and chinese on the green at long melford and headed back to the camp for bed!
 There was even something to see when you bwent to do your ablutions, a blackbird had built its nest right next door to the facilities, and the birds fledged over the weekend we were there.

 Camp Lulumama-with the most important bit-the food table,ready for breakfast!

 This is what i enjoy most about camping with lots of people, everybody chipping in and sitting around in the open all eating together, things definitley taste better in the fresh air.............................................................

 .........especially sausage butties!

A big thank you to Karen and Dean for a lovely welcome, and thankyou to The wren's(in laws) for inviting us!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

 We have been enjoying lots of local fruit at the moment, my little one would do anything for some strawberries/raspberries.  On a Sunday night the ice cream van pays a call to our road, so we did the usual purse scramble and ran outside to get our fix.  The ice cream is made down the road and is proper old fashioned italian stuff( Parravanis), they will fill your bowl if you take it outside (as we used to have to do before we got our freezer box), this time we plumped for Strawberry flavour to compliment our soft fruit-yum!

                  We don't like Suzy hen to feel left out so she gets the strawberry tops to keep her quiet!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

 Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.......

We had a picture postcard sort of day today and as high temperatures were predicted we headed for the coast.  Our little one like most his age loves the beach and all that goes with it, even gritty sandwiches!  we arrived nice and early to get a free parking space(we are tight when it comes to paying to park) and before the sun got too hot.

 Little one enjoyed building roads in the sand with his Daddy whilst i got on with a project that i am desperatley trying to finish.  He delights in smashing sandcastles rather than building them, so after a bit of mindless violence we cooled down with a paddle.

 East Anglia's first motorway under construction.

 Road testing the er..road.

 I attacked my least favourite part of crochet....tying off all the ends-yuk, but sat in the sun on a beach and it is no longer a chore!

 Now you see the toes....aaah very cold north sea water!!!


 Token artistic shot of sun dappled sea.

 After a picnic lunch and cries of "I want to go to the pier" we packed up our stuff and headed along the prom(just realised that we never actually made it to the pier), we stopped at the little huts and boating lake cafe for a cup of tea and something sweet, there is a lovely little vintage market in the huts but I managed to resist temptation and we then headed for the park.
 Had to take a photo of this lovely old car(think it is a morris minor, i forgot to check), it was all spic and span and reminded me of my little green mini which i used to bomb around in.

 Obligatory shot of the lighthouse, this is my son's favourite feature of the town, he is not quite big enough to climb up all the steps .  I love all the lovely houses and cottages, and like to pick a different one to pretend i live in each time i visit, this time i plumped for the cream house in the middle of a row of sherbert coloured terraces.

 Everybody's gardens were looking splendid, i particularly loved these gorgeous red hollyhocks, and i love the glimpses you get down all the little alleyways.  We finished the day with a jam doughnut from the pump st bakery van( a very cool citroen van which i forgot to photo-doh), it was lip licking good and a perfect end to a smashing day!!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


It has finally been warm here for the last few days, meltingly so over the weekend.  So we dug out the pool and got naked( my little one only of course we just dipped our toes in)

Even Suzy the hen was hot, but she enjoyed  basking in the sunshine.

I managed to get a bit of handsewing done on some work(hanging over the back of the sunlounger), in between getting snacks drinks and applying suncream.

  Had a lovely morning today whilst little one was at pre-school, enjoyed a cuppa with someone i've been trying to meet up with for a while.  Have spent the afternoon cutting out a few tunics from the pattern that she kindly picked up for me at a carboot, whilst my little one snoozed on the sofa-perfect day!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Crazy Daizy Dress

Had a sewing fest this week in between official work and looking after little one.  made a few more bits for Southwold Market (mondays in the centre).  Had a piece of this fab french cloth left and managed  to eek out a pinny dress, the back is lovely soft wool/cotton blend cloth and i've finished it off with some fun hat buttons. Also made a few loghtweight snugglebags for the hot weather,l fully lined in 100% cotton.