Friday, 26 April 2013

Bag Number @?# Please

I have really got onto making these bags and can't stop!  I have made one for a friend as a birthday gift, i made two and then let my son choose which to give her, as they share the birthday.  She is a big fan of everything purple(except bruises), so i thought he would select the green/purple number, but no, the yellow birds were his choice.  So trusting the aesthetic opinion of a 3 year old i went with the birds. He gave me a sage look which said remember her bird connections mummy.  My friend lives in a house called "Two Hoots" out on the marshes where they regularly spy an owl or two, and her middle name is Merle, which is french for Blackbird(i know they are yellow), so my little man's choice seems apt!  Happy Birthday Mrs S!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bag Obsessive!

Recently i have had a change of circumstances in my requirements for a daily use bag.  My little man has finally taken the plunge in the potty training arena.  He now will "go" on any toilet or patch of ground you point him towards, so i have been freed from carrying around a ton of nappies and associated gubbins every day.  I do of course have to go everywhere with spare pants, socks and trousers, but somehow this seems less of a pain.  All the bags i possess are still too small, or have stupidly short handles, so admiring a friends spotty red messenger bag i thought...yes i shall make, one so i can be "hands free" as she puts it, and still carry all the stuff needed.  So i found a lovely retro pinny on ebay, matched it to some cheery corduroy and hey presto a bag.....however, i didn't bank on a friend spying it and assuming it was for sale.  So it now has a new owner and i have made another one, with some equally lovely barkcloth i had in my stash- dilemma solved!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ola Amigos!

Another part of the Friday night frenzy cutting session.  I had this scrap of fabric left over from a skirt i made last year, it was just big enough to squeeze out a little pinafore dress for a 2-3 year old.  I love this quirky cloth, it is an original50s/60s barkcloth and i think makes a fun frock!  The back is made from some lovely cotton/silk mix cloth so it will be nice and cool for the summer.  The buttons are also original vintage specimens, and are really Tyrolean hats, but i think they make great sombreros.  The pinny is on sale in Vintage Mischief, and will hopefully soon be being worn and played in!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Last few bags from the Friday night frenzy, the second one is a funky towelling fabric, it reminds me of trips to the beach and the lovely cosy towelling tops my sister and i had when we were little.  They were kermit green and white striped, and reminded me of Pacer sweets, do you remember those, i think they were mint flavoured.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Clarkin Beachbag

bag number two of the Friday night frenzy.  The completed bag for a friend, she wanted a bag to take to the beach, so i have made it as big as the piece of cloth would allow, i only have a 5" square piece left.  It should be big enough to stuff all the paraphenalia we seem to need for a trip to the seaside, hope it gets nice and sandy soon!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bag lady

I bought this lovely barkcloth from Ebay some time ago.  It is in fab condition, the colours vibrant and the fabric still crisp with its original dressing.  I have managed to squeeze two bags out of it, one a drawstring tote, and this one, which i am very tempted to keep for myselfThey will both be for sale at Vintage Mischief .....i think.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday Orla Gravy!

A very happy birthday to Miss Orla Grace, three years old today.  I have known Orla since she was born as her mummy was a part of my antenatal group and we have remained friends since.  Along with another friend and her son Isaac we meet up every week and have lunch at each others houses, we started as Soup group as we seemed to have soup every week(original aren't we!), one of the hubby's misheard and thought we called ourselves super group so that has stuck.  Although now we have varied our menu to jacket spuds as two of us are followers of the slimming world cult, so we are now super spuds.  Anyway we hope that Miss O is having a lovely day, the weather has taken a turn for the warmer, so i expect she is outside soaking up the rays and enjoying her new play house, which she helped paint pink white and blue last weekend.  The above is a little bag that i have made for her to keep her treasures in when she is out exploring, the cunning little fox will keep all those precious things safe!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Friday night frenzy

Sometimes when i haven't had a chance to do any sewing for a couple of days i get an overwhelming urge to get cutting and make.  I popped into Vintage Mischief on Friday and it gave me the inspiration for a bit of creativity, its a great shop selling all things retro and vintage, and sells a few of my bits for me.  I purchased a lovely 50s apron which i am turning into a skirt for myself, not to sell as i so often end up doing (thats the bluey green fabric).  I have also begun on a beach bag for a lovely lady called Emma who brings me lovely things to turn into something new, that's the fab teddy cloth, and I've made a little pinny for a 2-3 year old out of a scrap i had left which has Mexican dudes and donkeys on.  I feel so much better now!  Will post some pics of the finished arcticles soon.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Easter!

A bright and colourful bunch of Easter gifts to cheer up the Arctic weather we are STILL having.  The cushion is a gift for my mum, and the little dangly bits are for my other relatives, which STILL haven't made it through the post.  I am very annoyed with the Royal mail for apparently mislaying half of my Easter gifts, and completley befuddled as i posted everything on the same day from the same post office, the parcels were well wrapped and clearly marked but alas nothing has made it yet, sorry to my family! We enjoyed a busy Easter Sunday with the in-laws (the recipients of the crochet adorned pots), they brought along a yummy leg of lamb and apple pie which were enjoyed by all.  Little man enjoyed an egg hunt in the garden, despite each prize being watched over by a cuddly toy he still couldn't see half of them, and had to be pointed in the right direction " look what is the giant bumble bee doing in the apple tree?" etc, etc, but his squeals of delight on discovering his treasures were fab. He is not a massive fan of chocolate, but enjoyed a few smarties after the garden expedition. Happy Easter to you all.