Thursday, 28 March 2013

Knitting Update
So after some practicing I have finally got the hang of this mysterious art.  I have completed my first project, a chunky waistcoat affair, which despite my friends best efforts at convincing me otherwise, will not be worn outside Chez Lulumama.  It is interesting and looks lovely on the hanger, just not on me!  However, its is nice and warm so is coming in handy in this never ending winter. I have now started work on the above, a jumper for my little one, it is a very simple pattern but this is enough for the moment, cable and fairisle still look like a foreign language to me, but maybe one day......
We have got through considerably more coal this winter, but knitting in front of a roaring stove is very comforting!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Feel Good Felting!

We had a lovely girls day out yesterday, despite all the snow and cold wind.  Along with two friends of mine(the moustachioed pair in the bottom picture), i enjoyed a fab afternoon learning to needle-felt, at 'The Make Place' in Norwich.  We had a lovely (child free) lunch and battled through the weather to Magdalen St and a nice warm workroom. It was very theraputic, punching wool onto a piece of sponge, and as you can see it doesn't take too long to get some results.  We all left with some needles and an urge to felt everything in sight!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

This last few weeks we have really needed cake.  Not only has the weather been horribley un springy, but we are in the midst of some building work which is pushing us to the limit.   We escaped to Eye and Framlingham last weekend for a day away from the "room".  I am attending Slimming World at the mo so the above desserts were my hubby's and little ones, i did indulge in a taste and a rather naughty hot chocolate at the Laughing Goat cafe in Framlingham later on.  The icing covered delight was a scrummy gingerbread which was little man's dessert at Beards cafe/Deli in Eye, they have gorgeous homemade food and it was a welcome place to hide from the rain and biting wind.  Eye also has an excellent Cloth/haberdashery shop, where i managed to get all i needed for a couple of jobs and some birthday present projects for little man's two best pals, they are all coming up for 3 years old, which i can hardly believe.  We have had glass put in all the windows this week, and the carpenters are steaming ahead with all the lovely woodwork.  It is going to be a bright and light workroom/playroom/spare bedroom when friends and family come to stay, as our 2 bedroom house is no longer big enough to house guests(my family live at least 5 hours away) or all my sewing equipment, making theatre costumes on the kitchen table is ok but a slight pain when you want to eat.  We will also have a shower room and downstairs loo which will make such a difference, as we have lived here 10 years with only a tiny bath.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy Mothering Sunday
We had a lovely weekend with the in-laws, celebrating this special day.  I just managed to get my Mum's gift finished to put in the post on the Friday, alas the postman came when she was out so had to wait until today, sorry Mum!  hope that you like your gift, it was inspired by the flower garland in this months Mollie Makes.  I received a beautiful button adorned clay pot from my 2 (nearly to be 3) year old boy, he is obviousley a talented artisan already...well i think so.  I will post a pic of his creation soon!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sunny March Day

We have finally had some sunshine in the last few days, hurrah!!! So on Tuesday my little fella and i headed off for a day by the seaside.  He loves going to Southwold, we always visit the pier, and the beach of course but his favourite thing is the amusement arcade, so we spent a happy while wasting a £1 on the 2p shove machines.  It was just us and a couple of elderly gamblers, enjoying the deafening noise and flashy lights, i do like an out of season arcade its always slightly bleak but welcoming on a cold day.  After these delights we enjoyed a breezy picnic on the pier, watching the water clock and spying the Lighthouse, his second favourite thing in the town.  We spend most of the day answering the question "where is the lighthouse?", as by a strange quirk Southwold lighthouse is situated in the centre of town, not on some windy cliff.  So you can only actually see it from certain viewpoints despite its size.