Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A few finished and unfinished bits and pieces.  I learnt to crochet 2 years ago from an excellent teacher
in the shape of my sister.  I was craving an easily portable craft to do in the evenings when my little one was in bed.  As a seamstress by trade i really missed the creative buzz, but couldn't face getting out all the paraphenalia it entails or making a loud noise whilst my baba slumbered, so crochet seemed like the perfect answer.  It also gave me an excuse to buy lots of lovely yarn, as i have failed spectacularly with attempts to learn to knit in the past (i must be missing some essential gene).  We are very lucky to have a well stocked and very friendly staffed wool shop in our town, as well as two haberdashers so i don't have to travel far for supplies.  My sister pointed me towards an excellent blog called Attic 24, written by a very talented crocheter called Lucy.  The fact that she manages to create lovely things whilst running a home and looking after her three children made me realise that i could at least fit a few bits into my spare time and a lot of my projects are things that she has made(she gives really clear non confusing tutorials).  So the strange stripey wreath is a version of her may wreath, it still has the flowers to go on but I am loving the effect already and can see i am going to have to buy more polystyrene rings! The crochet garland is a very simple idea three of which  i have made to sell in Vintage Mischief, but i have kept this one for myself, don't seem to be able to get a decent photo of it, sorry.  The granny stripe blanket is destined for our new room when its finished (the blanket and the room), its taking a while but lovely to do when my brain is frazzled after a long day. Anyway have to go now as the blanket is beckoning!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I have finally opened an Etsy shop, its called Hook and Eye Crafts, at the mo its only got 5 items listed as taking photos in the daylight with a toddler about is proving a challenge.  Managed to get some shots of a few more sale items done but still not uploaded them.  Had a great day with friends in Walberswick today, gorgeous sunny weather and lots of seaside air!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hello there this is my first post so bear with me it has been a long day!